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Triamterene/hydrochlorothiazide Drug Class

06 - Feb - 2011

Many years of experience in the plumbing and heating industry.

With a climate so uncertain and variable that in the middle

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passed through a light attack, which resulted in mild pustules that attacked

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between it and the normal mucous memlirane and musculature,

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amen, situated at the apex of the cone, transmits the

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had been brought forward as possible causes of gas-

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[Read in the Section of Surgery, October 25, 1912.]

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ready as soon as possible, we shall be pleased if com-

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against some contiguous part, by the action of the vacuum

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animal or vegetable origin. I found this resemblance to the

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securing only competent assistants, it has always been felt

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able exposition of the subject? In no text-book that he knew

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"Nvhieli do not ditVer in essential partieulai's from int<'nial lioniori-luif^e and

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caustic potash and crystalized carbolic acid, rubbed

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and then downward before the urine would escape. When emp-

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has been determined. All that is necessary is that the

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the anterior region the presence of necrosed cells indicates that there

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latter case there is a deepening in the normal lumbar curve

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derstanding of the physiological functions of the various

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eit, Ffrftf Treatise by Anstie and that by Beard and Rockwell for practi-

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hy menjc 19 mib pine syle bpincan heo haelB punbojilice

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in the position of the body, or pressure on the abdomen and thorax, the

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tional diseases should be well remembered for the sake of

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spite of my prediction in favor of operation in a general way, because I am

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The author's experience with intra-uterine stem pessaries has not been en-

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Clilurulbrm, iilthou^h ooiniiionly iiscti in tht* Boiitli iiiid Wont,

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digiosus toxines. — Mrs. X., aged twenty-nine years, first noticed a small

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I juice is of the consistency of syrup, is cloudy, of a

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seloino (U.) [liemarkson the treatment of internal eye

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the attack, and this seems to have been of benefit. Following

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majority of the quick cure institutes, although some may be

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while at work or at meal-time. This is the most common initial symptom

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por," by Dr. Cullen, and of which he makes three species, the

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quiet some of the cardiac pain, but will not steady the heart

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bacteria which throve in water supplied by various hy-