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06 - Feb - 2011

Many years of experience in the plumbing and heating industry.

he could rise and walk without difficulty, and was about to set out for the country

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constitutional symptoms. In one the patient was

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tion on Jan. 24. 1901, from a man of 62 years. His method

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texte. par Le Just Lucas- Championni^re. Paris: RueffetCie,

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and submit the wound to your inspection. The parts being

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influence on the peristaltic muscles; yet how often is it given for the

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1 : 518. Considering the varying number of red cells, these com-

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speak in German. Promises to make a great efiFort to restrain

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venodilator response) after 72 hours of continuous expo-

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where it was endemic, and in the latter places may develop in immi-

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ordinary culture-tube was poured into the wound and

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recognised. In pursuance of this object she will apply corrosive acids to

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are audible ; but a sudden '• Oh ! sir, you hurt me," as you

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days. The macules vary in size from i to 5 miUimetres m diameter

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upon in the Cape Parliament. Whatever steps to lessen the evil may

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are uniformly followed by fever, and, if subcutaneous, by abscess ; and fur-

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the ramifications of nervous twigs, &c. &c. But in order to use the higher

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continued until death ensued. Nothing that was done

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Carbolic acid (1-200) was first employed ; in another case

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hope of educating the corresponding centre in the right hemisphere. When

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matori). The differential diagnosis is aided by nn..

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had kindred spirits to sympathise with their efforts I As a rule,

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Dr. Silberstein says of the northern Cheycnnes that

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appear to materially influence the progress of the case.

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of course, many other points of view which it would have been inter-

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as a cholera miasm, having an existence and a life of its own,

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along the psoas niuscle ii it had not been lor the early opcuiu^j.

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swallow and had consideralde control over the affected

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breast milk. The facts that lime-water has no therapeutic value in

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have been thinking along similar planes of cleavage.

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ber, gave the results of the first rehabilitation program

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10 per cent mixture is of strength lx; one part of this is triturated

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in a few days, or even hours. Suppose, for example, the bowels are acting freely

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Pathologist to and Lecturer on Pathology at the (jlasgow

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