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is as follows: The place chosen is generally the fifth or even the sixth

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doing, as well as for its being transmissible to animals by inocula-

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tions should be enforced in all cases, and that the certificate of attendance on

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â– stramonium, belladonna, hyoscyamus, and phellandrus, soaked in a solu-

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The author has tried atropin for such cases of osteomalacia as have

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land. Bj Dr John Hjaltelin, Chief-Physician in Iceland.

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a diminution in its frequency. Second^ In cases of aortic regurgi-

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front and bend forwards. His health is good ; but he has on one or

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quantity of mercury. The greater the number of bends the more

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drive from St. Moritz; The Lower Engadin; Tarasp, 3950 ft., excellent

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tract, ear, nose, accessory sinuses, teeth., or tonsils. Beebe has pointed

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that portion of the outline of a cell which lies beneath it. — Annals

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Since that time, the animalcule has been pretty generally con-

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the fore milk or strippings, but there was little difference between the latter two.

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Post-mortem examination of chest and abdomen only. The

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villages in any way affected by canal irrigation ; and they found

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Though intended to be an introduction to a course of lectures on

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described, have occuiTcd in my practice during the last few years,

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serum can ever give as definite fixations of complement as one in

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argument, as such a body may be the seat of infections by both

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brim still, when continued downwards, traversing the sagittal

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According to Liebreich, chloral is a trichloric aldehyde, which,

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No. 9) to a friend ; he remembered his name, and appeared much

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which was accomplished without prolonged suffering, and with no

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mine whether there is or is not a true killing of the organism. The

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For similar reasons, it must be equally apparent that we have at