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Clonidine Snake Venom

06 - Feb - 2011

Many years of experience in the plumbing and heating industry.

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and swelling in the parotid region. The pain is increased by speaking,

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peraemia I have sutiicieutly considered in connection with their morbid

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wired in position. The arm should be kept in an extended position for

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developed. When an opening into the peritoneal cavity occurs^ rapidly

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and cough ; but in pleurisy the temperature rarely rises above 100° F.,

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marked febrile movement. The eyes will be injected and watery, there

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is epigastric heaviness, and with inspiration the shoulders are elevated and

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brane dies in bulk and sloughs away (as in acute dysentery). Most of

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if this is not possible, endeavor to counteract it. If the pericarditis is due

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bone will be found just behind, or resting upon the edge of the glenoid

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crowded, badly ventilated apartments, is a frequent predisposing cause

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replacing the bones and securing the proper nerve and blood supply.

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moderately fluid dejections, sometimes accompanied by exhaustion, rarely

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pose as an article of diet. It may be given ice-cold, if desired, and in such

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atieurismnt the .si/ius of Valsah'a may produce a murmur in the ])ulmonary

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over the lower fragment. It tends to correct the deformity. The fingers

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cate extensive intestinal lesions. When hemorrhage from tbe intestines

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In distinguishing fibroid induration of the lung from cancer of the lung,

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will give positive evidence of the renal disease, and it only remains to de-

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1 Yellow Fever in Charleston, 1871, with Remarks upon its Treatment. Dr. F. P. Porcher, Charleston,

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the heart to the right, and it has no murmur. Bcjsidcs, the peculiar

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a night in salt water; rinse and add it to 100 parts bouillon, heat till

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which consequently is filled with coagulated blood and pus ; more rarely

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the lungs of one who has had chronic heart disease, the "cardiac ■' dyspntca

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the limbs, and a slight headache. Muscular prostration and progressive

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and opium reduce the temperature, and if they fail, ice-cloths to the abdomen will accomplish the desired

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violent and strong inspiratory impulses. Counter-irritation and stimulating

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monary emphysema, although for a time the symptoms are urgent, it rarely,

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accompanied by a rapid pulse, coated tongue, nausea, anorexia, and dis-

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The bleedings may be slight when they are capillary, profuse when they

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tuberele in any or all of the other organs of the body, cystitis, pyelitis,

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together with heat and manipulation judiciously applied, will relieve the

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In intercostal neuralgia, the duration of the attack, the points of tender-

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age, and in one form or another brings about a large proportion of the

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the limbs, and a slight headache. Muscular prostration and progressive