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06 - Feb - 2011

Many years of experience in the plumbing and heating industry.

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of the organ, in which case a cough may develop, which is in no sense

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presence of poisonous ptomaines in the meat, and doubtless

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of white blood-corpuscles" (Dickson). This red bone-marrow occu-

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the country around Benghasi, usually green and fertile, is

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Registrar-General were that in deaths due to violence, in

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In men the most common seat of this chancre is on the frenimi or in

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lowed fractures of the forearm, I can, in the absence of any

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pansibility, (3) its velocity, (4) the resistance of the textures

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In the United States an original case of hydatids is very rare. Out

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officers to a local service, and thus the Indian Government

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of which measures 47 feet by 24 feet, have just been com-

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impossible for the medical student, burdened, as he is,

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less " in our " attacks upon proprietary remedies," and with

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There are various kinds of filaria; one form of filariasis, the

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attention of the authorities of the Universities of Edinburgh

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any support in its neighborhood. The attack often ends in vomitings

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prised at the excellent service and moderate charges.

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comparatively short compass, the very latest chemical views

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sider it as a mere local disease, for though it does begin with a local

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M. Morton, who for many years was in Alabone's employment as a

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way she put this dress by till the next Sunday, when she

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jerkings from catching cold by putting it in a canton flannel bag tied

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Symptoms. — ^This disease usually sets in with vomiting, and in

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longest fast. If, therefore, patients would resort each day at exactly

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ment. Some distinguished alienists have held that there

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whose serum is used for this purpose after he has been receiving

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Greenwood, London; Mr. P. W. (libbon, South Shields. (H) Dr. C.

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cause gangrene. It is a safe rule to be guided by the sensation of the

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sary to fix a date from which the prescribed course of medical

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serted in the circular summoning the meeting at which he

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get the former to go away for, say, six months in the charge of some tho-

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A. D. Lbith Napier, M.D., 67, Grosvenor Street, Grosvenor

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looking well and eating well. The temperature kept up until

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Acute and subacute poisoning (bacterial, snake, mineral, e.g., tar-

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